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Corporate Development

Fund Raising Questions:

  • How much money do I need and when?

  • Who should I raise money from and when?

  • How can I maximize fund raising valuation and minimize dilution?

  • What kind of traction is expected at angel stage, early stage, A round, B round …?

M&A Questions:

  • Do we have enough cash and/or stock value to seek an acquisition target?

  • Could an acquisition lead to faster acceleration or greater competitive advantage?

  • How do we identify the best targets and how approach?

  • What synergies would be attractive; technology, people, revenue, ebitda, patents, other? 

  • What does a plan to acquire a company look like?

  • Help build an overall fundraising strategy
  • Work with CEO on funding plan and key milestones
  • Identify angel thru VC targets
  • Approach fundraising prospects
  • Put together an acquisition strategy & target list
  • Develop or augment the “pitch deck”
  • Help pitch prospective investors or acquisition targets
  • Help to close deal (s)
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